HKT SkyExchange
Internet Access

HKT SkyExchange Internet Access (SIA)

SkyExchange Internet Access

HKT SkyExchange Internet Access (SIA) provides reliable and high-performance Internet connectivity for enterprises and service providers by utilizing PCCW Global’s high-capacity, diversified global backbone, with 90+ globally distributed on-net PoPs. It is designed specifically for Internet content providers (ICP), Internet service providers (ISP), Internet data centers, and enterprises in Hong Kong, which require reliable, high bandwidth, low-latency access to global Internet or Greater China.

Global reach

PCCW Global is consistently ranked in the top 10 for global peering*. High capacity and diversified peering infrastructure to ensure 90% of customer traffic is delivered within the respective region, instead of being routed to public Internet exchange in other regions. (click here to find out more about PCCW Global)

Network performance

Resilience and redundancy backbone design, with MPLS-enabled packet over fault-tolerant transmission backbone supported by robust SLA

One-stop service

A single contact point for networked facilities management center and Internet access. Minimize customer coordination effort among different helpdesks

Fast provisioning

SIA core network is located at the same premise of SkyExchange, effectively reducing the service provision and recovery time, and eliminating the complexity of local loop connection

*Source: Dyn / IP Transit Intelligence Report

SkyExchange Internet Access China Express (CEX)

SIA-CEX offers enhanced access to China’s Internet networks, so subscribers can use a seamless path to reach destinations in Greater China.1

High availability

Access to the leading telecom operators’ Internet backbones in China

Superior performance

High-resilience and low-latency network with minimal packet loss

High speed

Connects HKT SkyExchange to Greater China via the optimal route

Flexible bandwidth

Preset bandwidth values can be allocated specifically to local, China and international use with guaranteed bandwidth

1HKT’s trustworthy alliance parties in Greater China will provide such linkage in Greater China.