Network Hub

Zero-hop Connectivity

A direct link between network and data on the same premises:

Fast and reliable

Direct high-speed connectivity between network nodes and customer racks minimizes network latency locally and internationally

Fewer accidents

The fact that no local-loop is involved and data is carried over short distances eliminates the possibility of physical interference such as damage to underground cabling caused by road maintenance

One-stop management

Single contact point for all network, facilities management center and provisioning services

Low maintenance

Simplifying connectivity simplifies maintenance

Extensive Network Coverage

Connecting Hong Kong to Greater China and rest of the world2:

High speed fiber ring interconnection

All our SkyExchange facilities are interconnected, providing a free flow of resources

Local network connection

Our broadband capability reaches a majority of local businesses, enabling direct network access, rather than routing through HKIX. The result is fast and reliable network traffic

Cross-border connection

A direct cross-border connection provides seamless networking in Greater China

International reach

PCCW Global operates a global transmission networks that consist of 100+ TX on-net PoPs globally, and has ownership on more than 50 international submarine cable systems, this global submarine infrastructure enables a differentiating performance on our Internet service3

2HKT’s trustworthy alliance parties in Greater China will provide such connections in Greater China.
3HKT’s trustworthy alliance parties overseas will provide such connectivity services.

Access to Major Network Nodes

Access to more than 90 network nodes in Hong Kong:


Connection to HKEX, ultra-low latency and 99.999% availability helps financial and trading customers seize opportunities swiftly in dynamic markets


This high-speed/performance, low-latency fiber solution provides smooth and fast data transfer between SkyExchange and your company – and is crucial to HQ-to-branch links

Business NETVIGATOR Broadband, csl/1O1O mobile network and SkyExchange Internet Access

Bypassing the local loop translates into high-speed, zero-hop Internet connectivity

HKT Enterprise Cloud

Our solutions offer resilience ideal for disaster recovery and backup

Connection to international data center operators

HKT global Internet network has presence in the major Internet hubbing centers / data centers globally, to enable direct connectivity to major Internet content and eyeballs globally and to ensure good Internet performance