Enterprises Needing
Digital Transformation

Increasing adoption of smart devices is prompting companies to develop an eBusiness model that will attract a bigger global audience and increase sources of revenue. Secondly, companies are demanding digital workflow to operate efficiently and achieve business growth. Companies therefore need greater IT resources, along with high flexibility and the agility to bring about digital transformation.

Rather than drawing on in-house IT resources, many companies are seeking help from external partners in order to expand swiftly and with resilience.

How HKT Helps

Zero-hop connectivity and
comprehensive network hub

  • HKT SkyExchange offers well-established IT infrastructure plus supreme connectivity with various local or international network platforms
  • Direct connectivity between network nodes and customer racks allows end users to enjoy fast access to SkyExchange sites, as well as easy access to any partner anywhere in the world

Robust linkage with Greater China4

  • Cross-border network connectivity is robust and comes with a variety of options such as an IP-VPN capability that reaches more than 200 major cities in Greater China, as well as IPLC depending on customer needs. Alternatively, customer may opt for SkyExchange Internet Access China Express for enhanced access to Greater China’s Internet networks
  • Companies can therefore co-develop IT infrastructure at different sites, or develop joint venture business with partners across the border

Multi-cloud connection

  • Digital transformation often requires companies to seek help from global partners to co-develop business solutions or apps
  • When a large number of partners keep infrastructure on a global cloud platform, HKT SkyExchange enables customers to establish direct private connections to multiple cloud service providers via a single port
  • This allows corporations to expand swiftly and build hybrid applications, or join with global business partners to co-develop solutions that span onsite infrastructure through to cloud platforms – all without compromising security or performance

Round-the-clock network support

  • Companies engaging in online business need to handle heavy network traffic in order to serve globally-dispersed customers organizations that access a system at all hours of the day and night
  • HKT SkyExchange is managed by ICT professionals and skilled engineers, and offers 24/7 hotline and remote-hands support, such as first-line maintenance and technical support – all to keep online businesses up and running
4HKT’s trustworthy alliance parties in Greater China will provide such linkage in Greater China.